What if course material could…

Open Webslides is a platform to create interactive course material that promotes co-creation with students and colleagues. It is built with modern web technologies and standards to promote an interactive and accessible learning environment

Online flashcard application developed to support educational gamification activities. In active use in classrooms to stimulate student engagement.

Heavy Metal music recommendation and discovery platform. Built upon graph databases, it uses hybrid collaborative and content-based filtering to determine novel artists and albums based on the user's previous ratings (not yet launched)

Metal Archives Web Service Ruby API wrapper. Provides a Ruby API to the famous Metal Archives database.

Development of an interactive web component: visualization of a directed acyclic graph containing finanicial information (closed source)

Custom-built user management system for centralizing email and other services, written in pure Ruby and Ruby on Rails

PoweraMPD is a Music Player Daemon (MPD) Protocol-compatible interface layer to the popular Android media player Poweramp. It allows you to control and browse your Android phone's media library from your computer, or even another phone